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Bus Rush is an amazing running Android Game for running infinitely.

In this game there are many things, but the great thing beside the Bus Rush town is all of those exciting prizes you get.

You’ll be able to drag and move your player left or right, jump or slide.

You can also move your player to run & jump with slides as well.

To leap or slide left or right you need to slide on your screen.

Avoid touching trucks, buses and subway trains. Gambol and move around the city, that is the town.

Gambol and move around the Subway forest and beach and gather all the coins.

Coins are important in the game, as it helps you to buy a lot of stuff in the game.

With coins you can enhance your player and buy different stuff from market to enhance your player.

Try getting more and more coins and keys, to buy and win more and more prizes in the market to.

Bus Rush

In this seriously exciting runner game, you are able to chose your player from among ten all to all totally different game characters to play with.

Surf the town anytime with Roy, Zoey, Darryl, Katie, or any of your favorite game characters!

Besides, you can customize your virtual Runner or alternative by getting thematic runner skins!

Or buying stuff from market.

Bus Rush Game

Bus Rush 2

Bus Rush-Play on PC

Game Store Information

The game Store has legion things to boost and enhance your running performance.

Get runner upgrades to boost your power ups and play the game more with more fun (including magnets and boots).

You should upgrade/update your jet-pack too with coins, and earn/collect legion coins.

You can also purchase Skating Boards to surf in the air and survive by skipping the hits in the normal play —whether you hit buses, trucks or perhaps subway trains!

The game offers you the probability of obtaining wonderful gifts.

But you must collect your daily gifts, and open mystery boxes, because that can give you benefits to get some special rewards, that can also help you win prizes they are listed for $$ in the market and they might be yours for free.
This game is a very fun runner game. You can also invite your friends to the game and play/compete with them.

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Features and Information About Game:

  1. We have included Chinatown in the game, so you may enjoy the game more.
  2. We have implemented bonus stage, so you may enjoy the game more.
  3. We have included new character, so you may enjoy the game more.
  4. There are 10 characters for you to decide on and surf the city.
  5. There are thirteen plus one nice skin to change the whole look of your favorite runner.
  6. There are seriously excellent skating board power-ups & other too, that includes coin magnet, jet-pack, super jump, score multiplier and air-surfing boards.
  7. These are all totally different things to run in. City, subway, forest and beach.
  8. There are trucks, buses and subway trains to avoid.
  9. The game is legion obstacle-dodging fun.
  10. Receive your daily gift.